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Learn more about what you can expect during treatment with PLUVICTO

Meet Van, a patient with PSMA+ mCRPC

Sometimes it helps to know what the PLUVICTO process was like for other patients.* Watch Van talk about his PLUVICTO journey.

*Patient experiences are individual and vary.

See what's behind the making of PLUVICTO

A lot goes into PLUVICTO before it gets to you. The manufacturing process is the ultimate race against the clock. Take a peek at this behind-the-scenes video about the making of PLUVICTO, and you'll understand why Novartis is committed to discovering and developing treatments like PLUVICTO for patients like you.

Understanding treatment with PLUVICTO

Knowing what to expect in your treatment with PLUVICTO may help you and your family be prepared and empowered to ask your doctor any questions you may have. For a written overview about the experience with each step of the PLUVICTO process, go to What to Expect When Taking PLUVICTO.