PLUVICTO is the first and only approved PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy

PLUVICTO is targeted therapy

PLUVICTO is a targeted therapy that delivers radiation treatment directly to PSMA+ cells.


1. PSMA is a biomarker that is expressed on prostate cancer cells and can be seen on a PSMA PET scan. PLUVICTO can be used to target PSMA-positive cancer cells.

PLUVICTO mechanism of action 1


2. Once PLUVICTO attaches to PSMA, it is absorbed by the cell.

PLUVICTO mechanism of action 2


3. Once PLUVICTO is absorbed by the cell, it releases radiation that can damage and kill cells that are PSMA+ and other nearby cells.

PLUVICTO mechanism of action 3
It’s not chemotherapy. PLUVICTO can target PSMA+ cells wherever they are in the body.

PSMA+, prostate-specific membrane antigen positive.